SCAM ALERT – Fraudulent Misrepresentation of Sphere Holdings in a WhatsApp Group

We have recently become aware of a WhatsApp group fraudulently created in the name of Sphere Holdings inviting people to make an investment into Sphere Holdings and promising significant returns within 24 hours.  While the creators of this fraudulent group have copied material from our website, please note that this is a scam and it has nothing to do with our company or any of our investee companies. The individuals whose bank account details are provided in the WhatsApp group are not employed by Sphere and have never been associated with our company in any manner.

Sphere Holdings will never invite anyone to make an investment into its business via WhatsApp or any other social medial mechanism.

Should you be invited into this WhatsApp Group or have suffered losses as a result of investing via this WhatsApp group, please contact the Financial Sector Conduct Authority on 012 428 8000 or email